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Specialized insurance and risk mitigation solutions to meet your unique needs

Thunderbird Commercial Insurance combines a diverse product offering with professional service that is fully aware of how business should be transacted with Aboriginal organizations. Working with Aboriginal Insurance Services and a national network of partner brokers, we are able to provide new insurance products and services that are created to fully protect your interests when claims occur. Our close relationship with  claims adjusting companies ensures your claims are responded to quickly and fairly.

Commercial Marine Products

Being involved in marine related industries presents several opportunities for captains and business owners, but it also carries an elevated exposure to risk. Regardless of whether or not you have one small vessel or large operations, you not only have increased liability, but a business that is directly dependent on your vessel being in good working order.

We offer a wide variety of Commercial Marine products targeted specifically towards commercial fish harvesting and processing operations including commercial fishing vessels, onshore and offshore aquaculture operations, marinas, docks and wharves.

We will work with you to assess the risks and exposures related to your marine business and help you avoid gaps in coverage.

Community Asset Insurance

The Community Asset Program provides insurance for property owned by the community, and/or property the community has an insurable interest in. This program covers commercial and residential buildings, contractor ’s equipment, water and waste-water treatment plants, vehicles, schools, businesses, and other operations both on and off designated reserve lands.

All operations of the community can be covered under the program, including all governing bodies, administration, health and day-care facilities, and other businesses. As well, coverage extends to anyone working for or on behalf of the community and any business or operation the community owns or controls.

Mould Cleaning Process

The Indoor Environmental Cleaning Process training course will educate, train, and certify members of First Nation communities to properly and safely inspect and clean mould, germs viruses, bacteria, and bugs from their own homes and buildings. Training will provide students with background knowledge on common issues that may contribute to these problems, and education on how to prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

The course includes 1 day of classroom work and 1 day of hands-on training followed by the exam and certification.

For more information, please contact us.

Credit Protection

With financial obligations such as a mortgage, personal loan or line of credit, a credit protection program ensures you’ll be protected in the event of financial breakdown. 

Our individual programs can provide you with relief from your financial obligations should you experience disability, involuntary job loss, serious illness, or premature death. 

  • Mortgage Program
  • Personal Loan Program
  • Personal Line of Credit Program
  • Creditor Mortgage Job Loss Insurance Benefit