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Identifying and managing risk is critical to the protection of community assets and businesses.

There are as many different types of strategies for managing risk as there are types of risks.

Each risk represents the probability of a loss, claim or other negative event. For example, an icy parking lot represents the risk of a person falling and being injured. If the parking lot is regularly shovelled and salted, then the probability of an incident is minimized. Conversely, if no actions are taken to make the parking lot safe, then the probability of someone slipping and/or falling is increased. Most risks can be controlled by proactive planning and actions either by eliminating or reducing the number of claims or by mitigating the loss such as putting in sprinklers to reduce losses by fire.

Most events such as fires, vehicle accidents, crime and other negative incidents, create financial losses and in some cases bodily injury, which often turn into insurance claims. Repeated insurance claims will result in higher premiums, large deductibles and in some situations the inability of the client to obtain insurance coverage on specific assets which could result in funding issues with government and other lenders.

Thunderbird Commercial Insurance works together with communities, businesses, and organizations to reduce risk and vulnerability, improve claims history, reduce premiums, and make the community a safer place to live and work. 

Loss Reduction Program

Reducing fire related losses through inspections that identify specific fire hazards and provide steps to remove or fix these hazards

Reducing auto claims through our certified fleet safety instruction program, which includes education and information on fleet safety and advice on managing auto liability deductibles and claims management

Reducing slip and fall claims through education and information on how to reduce the number of slip and fall accidents, particularly at high volume business operations such as bingo or gaming, and cut down on the frequency and severity of fraudulent claims

Proactive Underwriting Program

In partnership with Aboriginal Insurance Services, Thunderbird Commercial Insurance will provide the following services:


  • Inspections of homes and public buildings
  • Tracking of “action items” that require immediate attention
  • Conducting a fire survey including fire hydrant and equipment inspections
  • Helping to develop Community Emergency Response Plans
  • Providing fire hydrant maintenance training material